Zhu Zengyong’s Estimates for 2023: A Profitable Year as Pig Prices Remain Steady with Slight Increase

On January 3, Zhu Zengyong reported that in 2022 the av…

The Great Divide in Chinese Top Pig Producers: Tens of Billions of Profits Versus Losses

“Ten years to sharpen a good sword”–Shiji’s Swine Semen Business on the Fast Track to Growth

“China’s first stock of chilled poultry” completed the whole industrial chain layout of hogs

Opinions from Wen’s Group, New Hope Group, and Haid Group on the status of pig herd restocking

China’s feed production in the first half of 2022 fell by 4.3% YoY

Aonong Bio Surpassing TECH-BANK and DBN for Top Five Listed Pig Producers in China

Yisheng – China’s largest supplier of broiler chicks, to expand pig breeding in later stage

China’s milk consumption growth rate determines development of dairy farming

Another international nucleus pig breeding farm arrives in China. What’s different this time?

Fujian Sunner kicks off PS chick sales of self-developed white broiler breed

Pengdu’s largest shareholder plans to transfer 7.77% shareholding to Kunming SASAC for USD 0.2 billion

The world’s largest feed enterprise projected to save 1.5 million tons within five years

Zhengbang to terminate 22 pig-raising projects with a balance of over CNY 3.6 billion ($534.20 million)

Industry de-capacity ending, pig enterprise profitability may turnaround in June



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