China’s first listed swine company Kingsino faced the lost over RMB 130 million

Shenzhen Kingsino Technology Co , Ltd , became the first listed swine company to be “tricked ” by hog futures hedg

Wens was overtaken by New Hope in ranking of China’s hog production enterprise

Wens was overtaken by New Hope according to Q1 change in ranking of China’s hog production enterprisesWens

From 25 mill to 40 mill hogs, why does New Hope Liuhe escalate pig farming

In recent years, New Hope Liuhe, which has been vigorously developing pig farming, has achieved a remarkable incr

China vows to restore hog inventory at 80% by end-2020

China& 39;s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MOA) started a monthly news briefing on pig production amid

China closes about 4500 pig slaughterhouses amid ASF

According to China s pig slaughtering regulator under the MOA, it has tightened regulations amid the ASF and has closed nearly a half of the country’s slaughterhouses

China seen to import over 6 million tons of meats in 2019

China s Ministry of Commerce said on November 28 that it is encouraging to expand meat imports with diversifie…

New Hope Liuhe takes over pig farms in Henan and Shandong

New Hope Liuhe announced to purchase 100% of two pig farms in Henan and Shandong, the two major farming provinc

China-US Swine Industries Gather to Address ASF Challenges

The swine industries from China and the US gathered in …

China’s AI pioneer for pig farming turns pragmatic

There is already a boom of artificial intelligence tech…



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